The purpose of the conduct of discipline clause shall guide the employees on common codes of ethics. The code of ethics shall lay down the standards of conducts and behavior that are required to ensure observance of the values and principles outlined by the organization. If staff fail to comply with Codes of Ethics this shall result in a breach of discipline and shall be dealt with accordingly.


  • Criminal of unlawful actions.
  • Action of contravention of the organization Code of Ethics.
  • Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of employment.
  • Negligence of duty.


LASWA employees shall leave the organization in a friendly way. This shall be in line with the organization policy in order to maintain and enhance the cordial staff and stakeholder’s relationship and organization image. Separation from services by employees shall be by resignation.

On resignation, staff member shall not take leave while serving his/her notice period unless authorized by the Managing director. This to ensure that his/her shall be able to hand over duties and finalize an ongoing assignment

Employee separation from services by the organization shall be by resignation, retirement, ill-health, disciplinary action, unacceptable performance or redundancy.

7.03: Disciplinary procedures

The organization has clearly laid down procedures for dealing swiftly and effectively with breaches of discipline and ensures that these are known and understood by all employees. The procedures comply with the following principles:


  •  Every employee has a duty to bring the attention of his or her supervisor or manager any suspected disciplinary breach, whether or not which shall arise within her or his area of work and irrespective of the seniority of the person concerned. Failure to do so will itself be treated as breach of discipline.
  •   No employee shall be penalized for reporting a suspected disciplinary breach.
  •   Any suspected criminal, action shall be taken and get reported to the police.
  •   All suspected breaches of discipline will be investigated immediately.
  •   Persons under investigation shall be in writing of the breach with which he or she is charged.
  •   A written record shall be made of the facts as investigated and preserved for future inspection and audit.
  •   The person under investigation will be given an opportunity to present their case.
  •  A decision shall be reached as soon as possible and the person concerned informed of the decision in writing.
  • Ø There shall be a clearly laid down scale of penalties appropriate of the seriousness of the breach.
  • The person concerned shall be given an opportunity to appeal against the decision and any penalty imposed to an independent body.

7.04: Staff Rules and Regulations:

  • Staff shall be more efficient and effective in recognizing his/her position and services delivery to community.
  • Shall be honest and faithful to the present leadership also in pursuing the organization policy.
  • Shall not be involved with corruption issues or carry out any political activities during the contract period
  • Shall not allow in any political documents via the LASWA title or offices in favor of any political party.
  • Shall not promote any lobbying for individual sustainability which is against or not part of LASWA policy
  • LASWA staff are free to worship in any religion but shall not mix religion with office work
  • Shall be co-operative and concentrate all their effort for the benefit of the organization and not for personal benefits
  • LASWA Staff shall manage all monies and other wealthy assets also make sure that no destruction or loss occurs for the organizational property.
  • LASWA resources shall be used by Staff for the beneficial of the organization only. These resources include buildings, office premises, motor vehicles and bicycles, office equipments such as computers, photocopy machines, other resources from different donors and the government.
  • Shall properly use the LASWA official working hours for the benefit of the organization and beneficiaries but not for individual.
  • LASWA staff shall be ready to inform or announce to their employer the wealth they posses on behalf of their heirs or dependants.
  • LASWA staff shall maintain good behavior even when they are outside the office by avoiding alcohol use and drug abuse, un payable loans and other unacceptable bad behavior among the community.
  • Any award given to employee from donors, training sessions and other capacity building themes shall be received by the name of LASWA with receipt.
  • A retired LASWA Staff shall not be allowed to participate or represent LASWA in any official session or government function without permission of the Organization authorities.
  • LASWA Staff shall take great care while attending vulnerable that include old people, women, children, poor people, sick people, disabled and other related groups.
  • LASWA employees if really need to be called LASWA staff, should seriously work for the beneficiaries and understand themselves if they are really fit and committed to LASWA vision and mission.
  • Official reports shall only be submitted to media by an authorized officer of LASWA