9.00: Salary and Compensation

Monthly pay sheet/form

A basic salary sheet shall be included in our accounting standard forms. The organization shall prepare monthly pay sheet in which columns of gross salary, PAYE, NSSF, Advances, Net pay and other available deductions and increments shall be in place.

All salaries advances are deducted using salary advanced register and staff member sign for their salaries. 

LASWA staff salaries will differ from one program or project to another depending on the nature of the program or project at the same time education level, skills and experiences shall be considered.

Salary scale for each position

Since LASWA is implementing different programs and projects of short and long term, hence for that case salary scale for each position shall depend up on the nature of the project and donor interest. Though the Executive Director may fix the employee’s salary scale with approval of the Board, the donor has got a room to determine and allocate the salary scale to implementers for the sake of meeting good project results and projected goals. Therefore the organization has no permanent principle on drawing salary scale and this shall vary from time to time as far as donor interest is concern.

Annual Salary increment

Salary increment for employees in the organization is very essential. LASWA shall very much consider and determine the staff annual increment depending on the size of the project and contract terms. The organization shall be responsible of considering the annual salary increment when drawing the proposal budget of the project. Sometimes where available the organization shall look at its own source if there is any and tackle the issue.

Salaries will be paid from 28th to 31st of every month and not exceeding 5th of next month.

Before payment of salaries, cashier and program officer should ensure all deductions from staff.

All salaries will be approved by Executive Director.