(A) Establishment of LASWA

LASWA was established in the end of 2007 by 18 members under the Chairmanship of Francis Mwilafi. LASWA is a Non-Governmental, Non-Partisan and not profit organization registered under societies Act (CAP.337 R.E.2002) of the laws of Tanzania. It is designed to operate in the whole country of Tanzania. It was registered on 5th September 2008 with its registration Number SA.16033.LASWA started working hand in hand with TLS since 2009.

(B)  Main  and Specific goals of LASWA

LASWA was started to provide Legal and Social services to low income people and vulnerable groups in rural areas being the main objectives with following specific goals;

(1)  To establish legal aid centers in various regions so as to help solve legal disputes and problems of the local    communities.

(2) To provide education and promote human rights values by way of seminars, workshops, fliers, publications and mass media.

(3) To provide legal advice and counseling.

(4) To support people in the fight against poverty through entrepreneurship and any other possible ways including but not limited to agriculture, environmental issues, projects and investments.

(5) To raise awareness and advocacy on the issue of gender violence and leadership.

(6) To educate the society especially the teenagers through seminars and other workshops to fight against drug abuse.

(7) To deal with all matters pertaining to culture and fight against HIV/AIDS. To promote interventions techniques of HIV/AIDS including creating consciousness of legal approaches in addressing the pandemic.

(8) To educate the society on the importance of empowering women in socio-economic and political issues.

(9) To educate the society on supporting the poor, people with disabilities, the most vulnerable children and the orphans on their social basic needs.

(10)  To deal with educational matters including but not limited to schools, stationeries, and information technologies.

(11)  To deal with any other matters eligible to advance the interest of LASWA.

(C). Members of LASWA and Position

1. Francis Samuel Mwilafi Executive Director
2. Oscar Antony Waya General Secretary
3. Emmanuel Mvanda Treasurer General
4. Monica Maswali Assistant Secretary
5. Fr. Protasy Chellula Accounts And Purchasing Officer
6. Mwahija Myovellah Head Of Social Services Department
7. Augustino Sanga Head Of Project And Planning Department
8. Martha Kwayu Head of Legal Department
9. Secilia Mwaliganga Member
10. Filimino Mwilafi Member
11. Lucas Nyaulingo Member
12. James Kalinga Member
13. Prosper Msivalla Member
14. Wilbroad Ndunguru Member
15. Henry Njowoka Member
16. Nathan Chalamila Member
17. Filbert Mwilafi Member.
18. Gladis Kachenga Member.


(C)  Leadership Structure of LASWA


(i)  Legal Aid Day of 11/12/2010 in Iringa Municipality assisted by 17 Advocates sponsored by Tanganyika Law Society

(ii)  Capacity building on Access to Justice to Marginalized persons in Kilolo District in 27 villages 15th July to 20th August,2011 sponsored by Tanganyika Law Society

(iii)  Access to Justice Seminar for Legal Sector Reform Program(LSRP) Stakeholders done in Iringa Municipality on 19/11/2011 sponsored by Tanganyika Law Society.

(iv) Legal Aid Day of  03/12/2011 at Ilula,Kilolo district.

(v) Legal Aid in Progress coordinated by  Legal Service Facility under Danish Embassy 18th to 19th January,2012.

(vi) Supporting  orphans in Secondary education sponsored by Orphans and Social Development Organization(OSDO)

(vii) Paralegal training at Ilula  May, 2012 (45 paralegals)



The following are LASWA leaders;

Francis Samuel Mwilafi(LL.M,LLB,Dip.Phil.CertFrancis Samuel Mwilafi (LL.M, LLB, Dip. Phil.Cert.Theology)
Chief Founder and First Executive Director of LASWA

Martha Elly Kwayu(LLB) Deputy Director of LASWA

Martha Elly Kwayu (LLB)          Deputy Director of LASWA

General Secretary( Oscar Anthony Waya (BA

Oscar Anthony Waya (BA.ed)  General Secretary

Assistant Secretary( Monica Elias Maswali( BACD)

Monica Elias Maswali (BACD) Assistant Secretary

EMMANUEL MVANDA( MBA) Treasurer GeneralEmmanuel Mvanda (MBA)      Treasurer General Cashier( Rev. Fr. Protas Nazarenus Chelula) PriestRev. Fr. Protas Nazarenus Chelula Priest