10.00: Performance Appraisal and Grievances

  • LASWA shall make sure that a clear job description is in place for every staff including a specified time and measurable objectives for the results aimed to be achieved.
  • LASWA shall give feedback to employees at regular levels as specified on the performance against the objectives and shall give advice and support to improve any shortcomings.
  • LASWA shall write a performance assessment each year and its contents shall be discussed between the employee and his/her reporting officer. The assessment interview shall create a room and opportunity for discussion about the employee’s training, carrier development needs, good performance to examine the weakness and failure of activities so as to meet the required standard.

10.02: Promotions (criteria)

Most of LASWA program are not consistent. They are of short term in such way that you can not easily see the expected impact. The criteria for employee promotion depend mostly to skills achieved through trainings, seminars, education and long experience in LASWA projects.

The LASWA Board is the functional body that promotes the employee to another grade or position.