12.00: Employee Benefits

12.01: Medical benefits

Health insurance: LASWA shall organise and process to make sure that the employees benefit with Health Insurance the whole period of the contract. The employee’s NSSF shall partly play role in staff registration so as to enjoy the medical benefits. The organizational accountant shall initiate this and the followings shall be earmarked;

  • Proportion to be paid by employees themselves
  • Contact information by insurance carrier
  • Forms and procedures
  • Deductions and maximum benefits
  • Types of medical costs covered
  • Coverage of dependency
  • A copy of insurance plan.

12.02: Paid Leave

  • Every staff shall request and be awarded a 28 days annual leave. In order not to disturb the donor funded projects the annual leave shall be requested by installments not exceeding 7 days per one installment. Since there are no funds for annual leave allocated by donors, no staff will be paid for annual leave.

12.03: Maternity Leave

  • 84 days leave shall be given to staff (female) for every three years especially during her maternal state. The male employee shall be given a paternity leave of not less than 4 days during any maternity leave circle (in the first month of the child Birth).

12.04: Sick Leave

  • Sick leave shall be given by LASWA to staff and get paid salary during his/her off time for treatment. Duration for leave shall depend to the nature of the problem and the doctor’s recommendations and comment. If the case persists the LASWA Board shall sit and consider the possibility of more support for diseased staff.

12.05: Permissions

3-7 days permission shall be given to staff for personal or family problems and all costs shall be incurred by the applicant. Permission exceeding 10 days shall be authorized by the Executive Director also shall be subject to the 28 days of the annual leave.

12.06: Leave for further studies

The organization shall be liable to support the staff and offer leave for further studies depending to the situation of the current funded project. However, the staff is supposed to look for his/her respective and individual sponsorship. Duration for leave shall depend up on the specified course and current project.

12.07: Motivation

Motivation shall be given to staff if he/her who has performed the best or equivalent in the organization. This includes good behavior, smartness/turn out, good performance and out put in project implementation which shall contribute to the development of the organization.

12.08: Death

In case of death to staff, wife of staff, mother of staff, son/daughter and father of staff, LASWA shall take responsibilities of the followings;

a)    Shall contribute Tshs 200,000/= for condolence and burial.

b)    Shall transport the dead body for burial to his/her home where the staff was registered during employment.

12.09: Transfers

Staffs shall get transfer according to LASWA Contract agreement. The administration and Finance Department shall bear all transfer costs and subsistence allowance as shall be determined. But in case and where the LASWA vehicles shall be available, the transport matter will be solved.

12.10: Travel

The traveler completes the authorization of official travel form indicating the purpose of travel. The traveler provides it cinerary of the trip with dates to the program accountant and program officer.

12.11: Payments:

A sound system of cash control requires that payments be made by check but to LASWA is not fully practical, to LASWA circumstances we use both check and cash payment (normally applied) system.

Section 1.01 12.12:  Travel and per diem for rural areas:

LASWA pays an allowance for breakfast, lunch, dinner and public transport.

The break fast is estimated to be twenty thousands (Tshs.20, 000.00).

Total per diem shall be Tshs. 100,000.00. Transport will be public transport especially buses.

However in other circumstances where the infrastructures can not be easily or completely allow the roads to be in use or reached during dry/rain seasons, motor bikes, bicycles and other related means shall be applied for travel to reach our targets.

Distances to these known and hindered implementation areas shall be the determinant factor for provision of fare transport. Retirement of receipts shall always be available to support the event.

Section 1.02 12.13: Travel and per diem for district towns.

LASWA pays breakfast, lunch, dinner and transport. For lunch and dinner together it is estimated to be ten thousands only (Tshs 10,000.00) and breakfast three thousands 3,000.00

Section 1.03 12,14: Travel and per diem for cities and other regions:

LASWA pays breakfast, lunch, dinner and transport. For lunches and dinners is estimated to be six thousands only (Tshs 6,000.00) and breakfast three thousands only (Tshs 3,000.00).

Total per diem shall be Tshs. 100,000.00. Transport will be public transport especially buses.