15.00: LASWA Proposal Write ups partners or Stakeholders:

It is strictly prohibited for district or regional employees to write and submit any proposal to partners or stakeholders for funding without the following conditions:-

  • Reading carefully LASWA strategic plan and program:
  • Writing intention letter to Executive Director that you intend to write a proposal.
  • Receiving a letter from Executive Director accepting or rejecting the idea or proposal.
  • If accepted you must prepare a proposal and submit to Executive Director for approval.
  • After approval all correspondence from partners must be send first to Executive Director.
  • Any funding for project proposal the Executive Director is a key personal to be notified in two days time and original copy of signed agreement must be kept by Executive Director.
  • It is compulsory for District/Regional projects to contribute 10% of total project to Head office to cover follow up and administration costs.
  • The start up or inauguration of district project should be observed by Executive Director or Programme officer assigned by Executive Director.