16.00: Office maintenance

  • All employees are responsible for maintaining the office and LASWA equipment and Supplies.
  • Any equipment for maintenance or repair should be reported immediately to Administrative officer/programme officer who will inform the Executive Director¬†¬† and Store keeper.
  • Programme officer completes the repair form and submits to the store keeper
  • Programme officer will contact technician after consulting the storekeeper or Executive Director.
  • Accountant will undertake appropriate payment procedures (Check or petty cash) for payment to the technician.
  • Where the responsibility for repairing any item rest with the Land lord, as defined in the office lease agreement, notification to the landlord should be made immediately by the LASWA Director or designated, on occurrence of the damage. Regular follow up should be made until the repair is carried out.
  • If there is unreasonable delay by the landlord in attending the repairs, the most economic way to affect the repairs should be pursued and the cost recovered from the landlord.
  • The Executive Director, through the assigned members of staff, should ensure that facilities within the office building are kept in a clean, professional and healthy state.