18.00: Training and workshop preparations procedures

  • Workshop schedules are prepared, maintained by program officers.
  • All logistics and materials are to be arranged and managed by the programme officers.
  • Topics subjected to be covered in the workshop are identified together with the entire program staff.
  • Appropriate trainers and/or consultants are identified and contracted with

Participating organizations as identified.

  • Negotiated contract with the trainer (s) and with assistance from programme accountant.
  • Identify workshop venue.
  • Communicate and negotiate contract with venue management with assistance from program accountant.
  • Inform/invite participants in writing with assistance from head office secretary.
  • Prepare workshop budget with programme accountant approved by Executive Director.
  • Prepare workshop materials and handouts with assistance of programme officer.
  • Order and purchase and obtain workshop supplies and stationeries, logistics officer and storekeeper. These supplies and materials are not to be combined with regular office supplies.
  • Photocopy handouts and bind manuals by storekeeper and administration team.
  • Payment for venue and to participants coordinated by program accountant and program officers.
  • Transport to training site coordinated by programme officer and Head office.
  • Evaluation tools prepared by program officer with endorsement of administration team.
  • Workshop facilitation and results reported on by participating program staff in a workshop report. Workshop report filed in each district file by Head office secretary.
  • Follow up on results for each participants coordinated by program officer.