19.00:  Motor vehicles/bikes/ boats

The drivers are responsible for keeping LASWA Vehicles in good serviceable condition and for keeping a service and maintenance roster for each vehicle or motor bike operator/drivers conduct daily vehicle check up of overall condition and fluid check.

  • The vehicles should be checked for fuel, oil, air pressure etc. time before leaving LASWA yard/premises. Drivers must keep the vehicles full of fuel, not letting the tank ¼ tanks.
  • Logbooks must be kept for all LASWA vehicles. All trips must be logged in and signed by the initiator of the trip.
  • Any accident should be reported immediately to the police and the office should be notified at the earliest opportunity.
  • A written report together with the police report should form the basis of the insurance claim.
  • No member of staff other than the drivers may drive LASWA Vehicle without prior written authorization. Personal use of LASWA vehicle is not allowed but permissible after authorization by the Executive Director/Administrator.
  • A valid and an endorsed driver license is a prerequisite for driving LASWA vehicle. Copies of approved license must be kept to Directors office.
  • Drivers coordinate with head office secretary to ensure all transport requirements of staff are met.
  • When not operating one of the vehicles, the driver shall work on the head office providing assistance with collecting and sending massages, filling, newspaper clipping, binding of manuals, logistic assistance are requested and work at the main gate of receptionist when secretary is un available.
  • Unless otherwise vehicles, Motorbikes and Bicycles are not allowed to be parked to staff premises (all should be parked at LASWA offices or at the places authorized by Executive Director.