22.00:  LASWA General routine

  • All staff leaving the office premises should be known to the Executive Director and receptionist. Staff should designate where they are going on the register book.
  • Staffs are expected to conserve resources as best as possible. This shall include prudent use of air conditioning units and turning of electric lights when not in use. Kitchen supplies such as cups, utensils and dishes should be washed and roused and water supply.
  • There should be on-going identification of needs of staff to upgrade there skills upgrading.
  • Requests for training or exposure visits shall be made in writing and approved by the Executive Director.
  • Staff should be oriented to the LASWA protocols, rules and regulations.
  • All districts bank accounts will be managed by committees and Head office (Director Office)
  • All bank opening minutes and signatories will be approved by Executive Director.
  • Planned and unplanned audit will be done to all districts.