23,00: Procurement:

Procurement of goods or items exceeding Tshs. 500,000.00 must base the following procedure;

  • The program and project team identify the needed items and submit to the procurement officer.
  • The procurement officer prepares the plan and items scheduled to be purchased and obtained at least 3 quotations.
  • The procurement committee composed of 3 people from LASWA management team will select and justify the items from the three quotations to be purchased.
  • The procurement officer prepares together the source documents for purchasing while attaching the 3 quotations and submit to the Executive Director or any other authorized officer for approval.
  • The accountant processes the payments for selected items/goods to be procured according to the agreed terms.
  • The procurement officer delivers the goods/items to the storekeeper and after inspection of condition of the good/item, the delivery note is signed then payment is done.
  • Receipt of original vendor invoices are attached and documented after payments by the accountant.
  • For some project the procedures of LASWA may not be followed instead the condition set forward in the Contract will be followed.