Executive Director:

  • Shall deal with all correspondences, issue notices to all meetings of the organs of the Organization.
  •  Preparing or cause to be prepared reports pertaining to the activities of the Organization,
  •  To perform such other duties as shall be prescribed or directed by the Board.
  • Shall be the general custodian of the assets, funds and properties of the Organization.
  • Be responsible for recruitment of employees of the Organization provided that all recruitments of such staffs shall be subject to approval or confirmation of the Board save for casual employments and when wages thereof are payable at the end of the respective day of work.
  • To represent the organization in various forums and be the spokesperson of the Organization.
  • Be signatory to contracts, memorandum of understandings, and    agreements.
  • Signatory to the banks.
  • Shall formulate procedures of all fundraising activities for the organization.
  •  Shall be the chairperson of the management team.
  • Shall be the General Secretary of the Executive Board.

 Administrative officer (General Secretary)

  • Shall be the Head of the Administration Department of the organization.
  • Shall maintain the daily staff attendance register during the working days from Monday to Friday. Shall also make sure that staff reporting time at 7.45am is in place and departure time is 5.00pm. The total daily working hours will be 8 hrs.
  • Shall make sure that the staff time sheet is in place.
  • Shall prepare the annual staff contract agreement beginning January to December each year and get approval by the Executive Director and the Board.
  • Shall supervise and maintain the Administration office including secretarial services and maintenance.
  • Shall supervise and make sure that the LASWA rules and regulations to staff are in place.
  • Shall make sure that each employee has a personal file (PF) in which all his/her employment details and other related personal details will be kept.
  • Shall receive and take action for all incoming letters where applicable and forward to the Executive Director or program officers concerned if necessary.
  • In the absence of the Director, shall sign the out going letters on behalf.
  • Shall authorize staff permission according to the LASWA rules and regulations.
  • Shall make sure that the LASWA Head office environment and surroundings are kept clean.
  • Shall write the monthly report for the Administration department and submit to the Executive Director.
  • Shall advice the Executive Director for all issues concerning staff and the entire department.

 Treasurer General:

The accountant is responsible for applying accounting principles and procedure to analyze financial information, prepare accurate and timely financial reports and statements and ensure appropriate accounting control procedure.

  • Shall be an overall Finance officer in the organisation and be answerable to the Executive Director.
  • Shall compile and analyze financial information to prepare financial statements including monthly and annual accounts (depending on program/project requirement)
  • Shall ensure financial records are maintained in compliance with accepted LASWA policies and procedures.
  • Shall receive cash/cheque collections and issue receipts in the absence of cashier. If the program accountant is unavailable, Cash receipts should be signed by the employee receiving the funds on behalf of.
  • Shall carry out monthly bank reconciliation.
  • Shall examine all financial documents for payments and get approval by the Executive Director or other authorized senior officers
  • Shall ensure quarterly, half annual and annual financial reporting deadlines are met.
  • Shall prepare financial management report and ensure accurate and timely monthly, quarterly and year end close.
  • Shall establish and monitor the implementation and maintenance of accounting control procedures.
  • Shall do continuous management and support of budget and forecast activities.
  • Shall work closely with the program/project team with regard to financial expenditure, monitoring and contract compliance.
  • Shall Monitor and support taxation issues.
  • Shall Develop and maintain financial databases.
  • Shall carry out financial audit preparation and coordinate the audit process.
  •  Shall analyze financial information to recommend or develop efficient use of resources and procedures, provide strategic recommendations and maintain solutions to business and financial problems.
  • Shall ensure accurate and appropriate recording and analysis of revenues and expense.
  • Shall analyze and advise the director/management on business operations including revenue and expenditure trends, financial commitments and future revenues.

  LASWA Program officer (Head of Departments):

  • Shall be head of the program.
  • Assist the Director on day to day management of Health program.
  • Prepare the annual training schedule.
  • Prepare the needs assessment.
  • To conduct monitoring and evaluation of all activities.
  • To prepare budgets for the program and submit to the Director for approval.
  • To prepare and submit quarterly, half year and annual program reports to the Director.
  • He/she shall be answerable to the Executive Director.
  • The program officer shall make the data base for the program.
  • Shall carry out and attend weekly/monthly management meeting

The Program officer shall be appointed by the LASWA Board.

 Procedures in conducting meetings in departments:

  • There shall be four meetings each per quarter.
  • The quorum of conducting meetings shall be 50% of the required members.
  • The agenda or purpose of the meeting shall be served in writing to all members.
  • The Chairman of the Committee shall be appointed by the Executive Director after consultations with the Program Officer and General Secretary.
  • The Health project officer shall serve as the secretary to all meetings and keeping the minutes for the next session.

 Procurement officer

  • Shall be officer in charge of LASWA stores
  • Shall receive and issue goods using official and authorised stores documents
  • Shall make sure that all receipt and issue forms including Delivery Note and other related documents are in place.
  • Shall record and keep properly records of all organizational assets, office materials, training materials and other equipments
  • Shall prepare Inventory sheets for each LASWA office/Department.
  • Shall do quarterly monitoring against all LASWA assets and equipments
  • Shall carry half, yearly stock taking against LASWA Properties including assets and equipments
  • Shall prepare stores management report and present to the weekly/monthly LASWA Management meeting
  • Shall advice the director for all issues concerning stores
  • Shall prepare quarterly, half yearly and annual stores report and submit to the procurement officer/ Executive director for approval

 LASWA Cashier

  • Shall be officer in charge of all cash management in the cash office
  • Shall receive cash/check collections and issue receipts
  • Shall prepare monthly cash count of all program accounts
  • Shall manage the petty cash and handle minor recurring expenditures like buying office sugar and other small value items
  • Cashier at HQ, Centre and Districts are responsible for managing the petty cash, including holding the key to the Cash Box, writing out petty cash vouchers and completing the petty cash form to request more cash.
  • Maximum amount of petty cash at any time for HQ is 500,000/= and 200,000/= for Centre and Districts.
  • Replenishment is done whenever the cash remained reaches 1/5th of petty cash amount.
  • There is a receipt given out for every petty cash transaction (whenever possible). If for some reasons it is not possible to get receipt, then the responsible member of staff can sign for specific payment instead.

         Personal Secretary/ Office Attendant

  • Shall be in charge of all secretarial logistics and services
  • Shall be the personal secretary of the Executive Director at LASWA
  • Shall supervise all secretarial works including printing, photocopies and office filling
  • Shall be responsible of keeping records of all staff personal files
  • Shall keep all office confidential files and documents
  • Shall be responsible of maintaining office cleanliness
  • Shall print all official letters as shall be assigned by the executive director and administrator.
  • Shall request petty cash to purchase office stationeries i.e. computer cartridge ink, photocopy ink/toner and printing papers
  • Shall receive guests and attend them according to the organization policy
  • Shall make sure that all staff request letters and other incoming letters are immediately taken action by the responsible.
  • Shall maintain central files relating to projects
  • Shall maintain the electronic files and store database on the saver drive for all staff
  • Shall make sure that all staff contract agreements are properly kept in their personal files (PF)
  • Shall prohibit staff to enter the secretarial room and instead all staff inquiries shall be attended at the door counter of the secretary room/office.
  • Shall listen special guest inquiries and present them to the Director/Administrator for whatever action needed.
  • Shall work close with the Administrator.