The Association may undertake fundraising activities and accept donations as a means of furthering the Association’s aims and objectives.

5.1 Fundraising

The Association may undertake specific fundraising activities to:

(a) Further the aims and objectives of the Association, including the development of specific projects;

(b) Increase the funds available.

The Executive Director in collaboration with  the Executive Committee shall determine or approve any fundraising strategies or activities.

5.2 Donations

The Association may seek and accept  legal donations to the Association.

The Executive Director or  Executive Committee will approve the acceptance of any proposed donations. In considering offers of donations, the Executive Committee will have regard to:

(a) The acceptability of any conditions, including publicity, that are attached to donations;

(b) Any ethical considerations posed by the status of an individual or corporate donor. This will include consideration of the nature of the business of a corporate donor in relation to the aims, objectives and policies of the association.