The Association expects that staff and its committees will have due regard to safety and security when dealing with cash, cheques, cheque books and other financial items.

7.1 Security of financial items on the premises

The Director and staff will be responsible for ensuring that financial items are kept in a secure place within the Association office. Cash, cheques and cheque books should be stored in a locked cabinet. Only authorized staff and the committee will have access to cash, cheques, cheque books or other financial items. Staff or committee working with financial items must ensure that they are not left unattended. Where the Association office is to be unattended for any length of time, staff must ensure that financial items are returned to their proper place and external doors are locked.

7.2 Security of financial items in transit

Excepting for the purposes of audit, financial records will generally not be removed from the Association office. Removal of financial records must be approved by the Treasurer or Director/General Secretary.

Excepting for the purposes of banking or purchasing, cash, cheques, cheque books or other financial items should not be removed from the Association office. Removal of such items from the office for any significant period of time must be approved by the Director/General secretary or the Treasurer. Staff undertaking banking or other tasks requiring the removal of cash, cheques, cheque books or other financial items from the office should have due regard to security of such items in transit. This will include:

(a) Varying the time and day banking is undertaken;

(b) Minimizing the amount of cash being carried to and from the office;

(c) Avoiding carrying bank books/bags in full view;

(d) Ensuring that items are not left unsecured or unattended at any time.