The Association views the maintenance of appropriate types and levels of insurance cover as an important protection strategy for the association and its employees.

10.1 Maintaining appropriate coverage.

The Executive Director/ General Secretary or any Executive Committee member as the case may be, will be responsible for ensuring that the Association insurance policies;

(a) Are as required by legislation and funding agreements, and as necessary to ensure appropriate protection for the Association and its staff;

(b) Are current, and paid when premiums are due;

(c) Provide a level of coverage appropriate for the purposes of the insurance.

11.2 Insurance to be held

The Association will hold current insurance policies at adequate levels of coverage for:

(a) Worker’s Compensation;

(b) Public Liability;

(c) Professional Indemnity;

(d) Director’s Liability;

(e) General Asset Fire and All Risk insurance (as per funding agreement);

(f) Volunteers Insurance;

(g) Other insurance as required to meet legal obligations and requirements of funding agreements or as determined by the Executive Director or Executive Committee.