1.00: PREFACE:

LASWA Human Resource Policy is written mainly to focus and reflect on the need of the organization in every aspect as far as its programs and projects are concerned. However, every staff employed by LASWA shall be bound to work under this policy.

This policy is also designed to influence and allow the employee to be more innovative and creative during program and project implementation. It shall so far guide the employee to understand his/her duties, rules and responsibilities, rights and other remunerations and benefits during the time of employment and after ending the contract agreement.

Hence human resource policy is the best practice and shall provide the LASWA staff a good time in pursuing the vision, mission and objectives of the organization.

1.02: Objectives of Human Resource Policy

The objectives of the human resources (HR) policy are as jotted hereunder:

  • To formulate and implement appropriate Human Resources Strategies and policies
  • Install appropriate systems to ensure efficient delivery of Human Resources services
  • To ensure regular appraisal and support to staff
  • To ensure that an appropriate remuneration structure is put in place
  • To ensure that each staff member has a clearly defined career plan
  • To advice management on disciplinary matters and procedures
  • To encourage self learning for staff
  • To ensure policy and practice that demonstrates attention to prohibition of nepotism or favouritism through process of employment review of staff performance and dismissal.