LASWA is a Non-Governmental, non-partisan    and not for profit organization registered under the Societies Act (CAP. 337 R.E.2002.) of the Laws of Tanzania. It is designed to operate in the whole country ofTanzania. It was registered on 05/09/2008 with its Registration Number SA. 16033.

The organization has since 2007 been working in Kilolo district in Iringa region and it will have soon branch offices in different parts ofTanzaniadepending much on its registration status. In addition Iringa region is located in the Southern Highlands ofTanzaniawith an estimated population of more than 1,618,000 men and women.

2.01 Vision statement:

LASWA wants to see most of the Tanzanian citizens enjoy their basic socio-economic rights in their households and families through out their life.

2.02: Mission Statement

To provide legal and social services to low income and disconnected people in Tanzaniaparticularly in rural areas.

2.03 LASWA Objectives

        (i)    Main objective;

To provide legal and social services to low income people and the vulnerable groups particularly in rural areas.

Specific Objectives:

  • To establish legal aid centers in various regions so as to help solve legal disputes and problems of the local communities.
  • To provide education and promote human rights values by way of seminars, workshops, fliers, publications and mass media.
  • To provide legal advice and counseling.
  • To support people in the fight against poverty through entrepreneurship and any other possible ways including but not limited to agriculture, environmental issues, projects and investments.
  • To raise awareness and advocacy on the issue of gender violence and leadership.
  • To educate the society especially the teenagers through seminars and other workshops to fight against drug abuse.
  • To deal with all matters pertaining to culture and fight against HIV/AIDS. To promote interventions techniques of HIV/AIDS including creating consciousness of legal approaches in addressing the pandemic.
  • To educate the society on the importance of empowering women in socio-economic and political issues.

2.04: Organization Strategies

  • Management shall develop popular storage and security of information.
  • Ensure that every staff is vetted to establish their fitness to work with clients.
  • Shall develop the reporting procedures in accidents and loss of property, theft and burglary or working under influence of alcohol /drugs.
  • Shall establish the appropriate period for disposing information according to categories (confidential, personal etc.)
  • Shall define the role of the supervisors, employees and authority in handling authority’s documents and seal and establish the spokes person on behalf of the organization.

2.05:  Values of LASWA:

  • Creativity.
  • Cooperation.
  • Transparency.
  • Honesty.
  • Accountability.
  • Trust
  • Participation.
  • Faithful
  • Confidentiality.
  • Respect ,Gender equality and equity