• Academic or professional qualifications and other aspects including experience, track record and learning potential shall be much considered.
  • Special care shall be exercised during recruitment to avoid an intended discrimination against women, people with disabilities and vulnerable groups.

3.01: Employee Selection (Full time Staff)

An official document of Job announcement/advertisement is written by the organization or employer and sent to public for open competition through media advertisement (stating clearly the minimum qualifications) or any other means to ensure the widest possible field of suitable qualified applicants from both inside and outside the organization.

  • The Post and the job descriptions are well clarified by the organization.

Dead line for applicants shall be indicated while date, day and time are clearly defined. Objective criteria of short – listing and final selection is prepared in writing in advance of the selection process. LASWA reserves these in permanent records for future inspection and audit.

  • During recruitment and selection both fresh talent at all levels sit for interview. CV’s and other papers supporting his/her qualification are submitted. Special attention is paid to those with qualification and experience already in service in their organization.
  • At the end all applicants, whether successful or unsuccessful shall be informed of the result of their applications in writing within the specified period as determined by the Organization.

3.02: Temporary Recruitment/Replacement

Temporary employment:

  • LASWA shall provide temporary employment if found necessary and in so doing the organization through the Board shall employ some one to fill the gap or position as shall be needed by the program.
  • The criteria of advertisement for that kind of employment shall be met where by the applicant shall also submit all necessary documents as shall be determined by the organization. The qualified candidate shall sign a short term contract that shall include scope of work, contract price and mode of payments. The employee shall be bound with the LASWA rules and regulations.


  • LASWA has two categories of volunteers which are respectively foreign volunteers and local volunteers. Foreign volunteer’s employment terms shall vary according to their applications simply because some foreign volunteers shall apply for field capacity and study. Their applications shall give room to LASWA to determine whether they have to sign short or long term contract.
  • Local volunteers are normally within the state and for LASWA shall bear a short term or long term contracts as shall be determined by the organization.